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      Let’s dispel the myth right off the bat – ‘’CRM systems are for elitist large companies with thousands of customers’’ – wrong, CRM’s are just for the elite.

      The elite are the entrepreneurs, the idealists, the start-ups with plans of world domination. The elite are the people who think big and plan bigger.  If you don’t consider your company to be part of the elite then how can you expect others to value you? We know all our customers are destined for success, so for us, there’s no company too small. At OnePageCRM we champion start-ups, helping you get organised from day 1, so that when the customers start calling, you’re ready.

      What is a CRM?

      CRM software is best described as a tracking system for your customer relationships. A CRM helps you manage your client lists, by tracking, enabling and recording the sales cycle from lead to customer. A great CRM system will allow a company to organise, automate and integrate its Marketing, Sales and Customer Service activities. When your CRM is at the heart of your business, your customers are too.

      Here are just a few of the benefits a CRM can bring to your business to help you get off to a flying start.

      1. Get Organized & Focused

      Data entry is not a favoured task amongst many people as it can prove to be all too consuming, when it comes to time and resources. However to close sales you need to be able to track your prospects steps, engage and keep detailed records – essentially you need to be organized. And if you’re not, you need to get organized.  A CRM system will replace manual processes that create organizational inefficiencies. Your CRM keeps all your interactions with your (potential) customers in one place, keeping you focused and organized.

      With OnePageCRM, your Action Stream becomes your ‘to-do list’ as each (sales related) action with a contact appears in order of urgency. As each action is set as complete, you begin to nurture real relationships with your customers. What’s more, as it’s a 100% shared database, you can ensure your sales team are working together towards one unifying goal.

      1. Lead Generation

      Lead generation and lead nurturing are vital to the success of all businesses. A great CRM will help you nurture your contacts through the sales funnel, from lead to customer. At OnePageCRM, we maintain a specific focus on lead generation. We’ve created the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper  to facilitate efficient lead generation with zero admin. Using the clipper you can pull potential leads straight into the CRM from their social profiles on Twitter & LinkedIn and also from Gmail & Outlook online. What’s more, once the contacts details have been successfully imported, you are prompted to set a Next Action to ensure you follow up with your new leads.

      1. Track your Sales Progress

      As a startup being able to review the success of your sales activities is important. However, we understand that presenting data laden sales reports is not the solution. In keeping with the OnePageCRM ethos, we’ve simplified sales reporting with our intuitiveSales Pipeline. The Sales Pipeline tracks the progression of deals through the sales funnel. The deal stages are fully customizable so you can modify them to suit your industry. Your Sales Pipeline is your core forecasting tool and gives you an uncluttered view of expected future revenue. Finally, you can use your Sales Pipeline to motivate your team as they can clearly identify how they’re progressing with their prospects and how close they’re coming to achieving their targets.

      1. Build your Business

      The major benefit of cloud-based CRM systems is the ease at which you can build your business around it. An entire sales ecosystem has been created around the CRM industry, with cloud accounting apps like Xero, email marketing campaign apps likeMailchimp and form builders such as Wufoo, to name a handful. Many of which offer free packages to SME’s, saving you time and money. The days of employing software engineers to choreograph installations, only to have them return 3 months later, to update the now outdated software, are long since passed. By using a cloud app, you eliminate installation costs and as there is no hardware, you can be up and running often within a matter of minutes. What’s more, updates are included in your monthly subscription so you no longer have to worry about your system being outdated.

      Why OnePageCRM?

      A great CRM is not just a data management system, it’s a sales tool. Our Next Action Sales Methodology, developed exclusively for OnePageCRM, was inspired by David Allen’s GTD Productivity Principles (Getting Things Done by David Allen). Our streamlined approach to sales will help you convert leads to customers, reach targets and grow your business fast. By converting the complexity of CRM into a simple ‘to do list’ OnePageCRM, keeps your head clutter-free and your confidence high as you’re staying on top of your contacts and sales.

      OnePageCRM started off as a napkin sketch six years ago and was built with start-ups and small SME’s in mind. Like all entrepreneurs, we strive to create something different, something of value. While our competitors are focused on building bulky systems, we wanted to build a CRM that actually helps you sell more. We are unapologetic when it comes to the simplicity of our system because we know it gets results for our customers and we hope it can do the same for you.

      Want to find out more?

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